Banian Sazeh Consultant was established in 2007, as a member of a larger corporate, Banian Sanat Pershian. The firm started its activity in the fields of architecture and construction in different types of project such as commercial, residential and mix- used constructions.

Through 12 years of professional activity and the experience of carrying out plenty of projects in different cities in Iran, It has developed into an architecture-engineering organization which can independently offer services in all aspects and levels of construction, ranging from research, design and construction itself. Quality of work and time management are the key elements on which Banian Sazeh has always focused. Over the recent years, through the expertise within other members of Banian Sanat Pershian in the field of renewable forms of energy, the organisation has attempted to make use of solar energy in construction industry. At Banian Sazeh, sustainable and green structures with minimum waste of energy, ones which can produce a portion of energy they are going to consume, are of our further objectives.