Banian sanat Persian group with the purpose of self-sufficiency achievement and utilizing available scientific capacities was established in 2010. Main core of our activities involves:  designing, production, construction and exploitation of industrial, constructional and power plant projects. Today BSP Co. and its subsidiary companies, power plants and factories are pioneer in a wide range of industrial fields. BSP Co. subsidiary companies are, NNQ (Niro Noyan Qeshm), Banian Structure and Banian Polymer.

Based on diversity in services and manufacturing products, system strategy consists of two basic features: sustainable development and effective crisis management. BSP Co. considering the international standards and applying domestic experts continues its activities based on supporting national product.

NNQ Energy (Niro Noyan Qeshm):

NNQ Energy (Niro Noyan Qeshm) was established in 2015. This company is active in Engineering, Procurement, & Construction of megawatt scale PV and DG projects. This company started its activities by taking a new look at energy sector at the national and regional level in order to improve energy efficiency and using more renewable and clean energy generation sources. Also by designing clean energy power plants, NNQ Energy has reduced greenhouse gases emissions and has prevented energy loss during production, transmission and distribution of electricity. Our professional team consists of most efficient senior managers, technical engineers and top university graduates are oriented to achieve the best results & solutions for any type of projects.

Banian structure:

For over 12 years, we have built a part of our reputation by constructing residential, commercial and multi-complex buildings, performing the highest quality workmanship on the widest range of demanding and landmark projects. Our company has the ability of constructing every building based on related biological and technical needs with an exclusive approach. by applying technical knowledge and experience, we are known as one of the most important developers and investors in the field of smart and green building.

Banian polymer:

Banian Polymer with the aim of supplying raw materials for polymer, paint and chemical industries in two parts of production of domestic products and import of goods that cannot be produced inside the country, as well as, the exports of chemical-polymeric products and market development in the countries of the region have been established in 2011. In addition to the commercial and manufacturing activities listed above, using the update knowledge and having the sales engineering and R & D departments, this company has always taken step in the production of new and quality products for the independence of the country from foreign products. One of the factors of advancement of Banyan Holding in the Persian industry is the cooperation with foreign countries to gain update knowledge that by having more than five international business partners and several cooperation agreements with international companies. BSP is still looking for new opportunities for further development in the region and around the world.

Among the products supplied on the domestic and international markets, the following cases can be mentioned:

 -Rutile titanium dioxide to use in paint industries, Coating, Masterbatch, Compound...

- Anatase titanium dioxide for using in PVC strips, pipes and joints

- Polyethylene Wax in flake, powder and granular forms used in Masterbatch Industries, Compound and PVC

 - Polyethylene Wax Emulsion for using in paint, coating and compound industries

 - Oxidized polyethylene wax for using in PVC, film and sheet industries

 - Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) for using in 5-layer pipes and cable sheaths

 - Vinyl acetate homopolymer resins to produce paint, coatings and glue

 - A variety of HOT MELT and PVC high pressure adhesives

 - Types of engineering compounds and specialized Masterbatch