First renewable energy industry national convention, in order to appreciate and honor renewable energy leaders on 24 February 2019 in Tehran, the largest local Solar Power Plants contractor and developer, NNQ Energy Co., Iran renewable energy association (Iran chamber of commerce) and SATBA organization were honored to host the Ceremony.

Mr. Sadeghzadeh, head of SATBA organization, Mr. Qarahkhani and Mr. Amiri Khamakani, two members of the parliament, Mr. Amirhossein Jannati, chairman of NNQ Energy Company and also member of renewable energy association, and Mr. Aliakbar Adibfar, chairman of renewable energy association, participated and delivered speeches in the convention. At the end of the ceremony, renewable energy leaders, regional electricity companies, top renewable energy companies, members of parliament, acting embassies in renewable energy industry and pioneer academic professors were honored by awards.